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Localize Africa offers this highly important service dedicated to the layout and creation of graphics for all languages and materials including technical and user manuals, promotional items, point of sale displays, trade show exhibits, retail packet designs, outdoor signs and all your corporate needs.

When you deliver a document that has a formatted layout in another language, that layout will be damaged if the translation is simply pasted back. This is because translated text can expand, especially from English, as it often takes more words to convey the same idea. It is safe to design your layout assuming that English text will expand by 20 to 30% once translated. Whether a text expands or not will impact on factors such as too much/too little space, increased/ decreased number of pages, too much/too little white space, etc.

To preserve your document’s original layout and formatting, DTP work is required to correctly insert the translation back into your document, adjusting the layout accordingly.

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